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We are excited about our latest release from Applesauce Tears and are reaching out to excite others. 


Their album, DAMAGES, just debuted on the CMJ 200 list at #157!


And the album continues to chart nationwide at college radio stations including #11 in Austin, TX, #15 KUOM Minneapolis, and #8 WUOG Athens, GA. 


Damages is Applesauce Tears’ follow-up to their previous LP, the warm and fuzzy Woolly. This time out, a dark and brooding sound takes shape, tempered by a gentleness that at times creates an unsettling existentialist experience.


As the radio promotion is progressing beyond our expectations- we here at Black Cottage are seeking more reviews for this album. 


You can use the player to the left or go here to stream the album:

Formed in Athens, Georgia, when members were not attending to their other precious little rock bands, this collection of talented/ unemployable friends and acquaintances began playing instrumental music together under the name Applesauce Tears.


A move to Atlanta, Ga. brought a certain amount of clarity as the group solidified and began releasing instrumental albums, producing cinematic soundtracks and psychedelic experimental music all under the direction of guitarist Craig Bennett.


Though considering themselves Luddites on a digitally-maintained payroll, these sound collagist drop-outs found themselves yearning for an internet presence - thus their website and it's many links:


Some have dared (often behind closed doors) to mention Applesauce Tears in the same breath (or gasp) as Piero Piccioni, Ennio Morricone, Brian Eno, Boards Of Canada,

Robby Poitevin, Michel Legrand, and to a lesser extent - Todd Rundgren and even Pink Floyd.

For further press inquires please contact
Cody Ellis:

Applesauce Tears

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