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Black Cottage Records
          Black Cottage began as a collective for artists, musicians, poets, film makers, society matrons, steeplejacks and wall flowers.
          It started in Athens, Georgia. But soon, the little college town could no longer contain the hubris and pleated slacks of our fine roster of talent. Sadly, a relocation to Atlanta, Georgia brought instant failure.
          The Black Cottage Recording label surfaced again briefly in Atlanta, created by artists and con-artists to benefit all concerned. But three of our staff members suffered from smoke inhalation when the Olympic torch passed by our downtown offices. The business shut down, and the pining for pre-Olympics Atlanta began.
          Black Cottage returned again as a spoken word label with offices in Athens, Atlanta, Berkeley, CA and Lima, Peru but suddenly became downsized, upsized, outsourced, and over wrought. Plus, our spoken word artists ran out of things to say.
          We then discovered the internet (5 years after everyone else) and decided to build our empire on My Space (bad idea). We met great people but they all soon disappeared into Facebook.
          But Black Cottage has once again returned, ready to astound you with recordings by a variety of sophisticated musical acts. We're in this for the long haul now. We have a full time skeleton staff ready to provide empty promises at a moments notice. We love our new office. And ever since the "great asbestos scare of 2006" we've been getting a fantastic deal on the rent!
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