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The Black Cottage Catalogue

1. Blind Lemon Pie BC-01 Laura Mars (Single)
2. Blind Lemon Pie BC-02 Our Red Planet (Single)
3. Blind Lemon Pie BC-03 This Paper Bird (Single)
4. Blind Lemon Pie BC-04 The Unfamiliar (Single)
5. Blind Lemon Pie BC-05 Debut LP

6. Blind Lemon Pie BC-06 Live at CBGBs LP
7. Corduroy Boy BC-07 Debut LP
8. Corduroy Boy BC-08 LP 2 LP
9. Embalming Almanac BC-09 Debut LP
10. Corduroy Boy BC-010 Happenstance LP

11. Embalming Almanac BC-11 Fitz LP

12. Cork BC-12 Motorbike (Single)

13. Cork BC-13 Atone (Single)

14. Cork BC-14 Star Within EP

15. Cork BC-15 Dissolve (Single)

16. Cork BC-16 Cassette Singles Collected LP
17. Spoken Word BC-17 Chris Minter - Teller's Mischance LP
18. Spoken Word BC-18 John Bryan - Journal #9 LP
19. Embalming Almanac BC-19 Wizards LP
20. Craig Bennett BC20-01 Coffee Poet Cracked (Single)

21. Craig Bennett BC20-02 More City Sadness LP

22. Spangle Makers BC-22 Worlds LP

23. Craig Bennett BC40-01 Wet Playground (Single)

24. Craig Bennett BC40-02 Happy Hollowdays LP

25. Craig Bennett BC60-01  Fur Cap (Single)

26. Craig Bennett BC60-02 Sweet and Twisted LP

27. Craig Bennett BC80-01 My Muse Has Become a Nuisance (Single)

28. Craig Bennett BC80-02 Faster Forward LP

29. Craig Bennett BC80-03 Isn't She Wonderful? (Single)

30. Spangle Makers  BC-30 Foam and Fret LP

31. Applesauce Tears BC-AT070 Tug LP

32. Applesauce Tears BC-AT080 Dram LP

33. Applesauce Tears BC-AT090 Woolly LP

34. The Soggy Bethpage BC-34 Coos Bay LP

35. Applesauce Tears BC-AT100 Damages LP

36. Strum Dummy BC-36 Debut LP

37. Applesauce Tears  BC-AT200 Alpha Drift LP

38. Orange Terrace BC-38 Debut LP

39. The Soggy Bethpage BC-39 Ark Ark LP

40. Applesauce Tears BC-AT300 Commuters LP

41. Strum Dummy BC-41 Cadets LP

42. Spangle Makers  BC-42 Foolish Pleasure (Single)

43. Orange Terrace BC-43 LP 2

44. Corduroy Boy BC-44 EP

45. Cork BC-45 Rough Demo’s/ Last Days of Cork LP

46. Rasmus Birk BC-46 Debut LP

47. Embalming Almanac BC-47 Nog (Xmas single)

48. Applesauce Tears ATBC-400 Pastoral LP

49. Rasmus Birk BC-49 Collected Rejected LP

50. The Soggy Bethpage BC-50 Bay and Balk LP

51. Rasmus Birk BC-51 Sleeping Gravy LP

52. Embalming Almanac BC-52 Idle Hours LP

53. Shore Plover BC-53 Tracker LP

54. Shore Plover BC-54 Banners LP

55. Shore Plover BC-55 Tarmac LP

56. Orange Terrace BC-56 LP 3 LP

57. Craig Bennett BC-57 Bedside B-Sides LP

58. Shore Plover BC-58 City Proper LP

59. Rasmus Birk BC-59 Funny Ball LP

60. Applesauce Tears ATBC-500 Wonders LP

61. Embalming Almanac BC-61 Soft Skills LP

62. Spangle Makers BC-62 Ballast LP
63. Spangle Makers BC-63 Untethered Mass LP
64. Rasmus Birk BC-64 Wheelie LP
65. Craig Bennett BC-65  Circus Girl Horse Rider (Single)

66. Shore Plover BC-66 Bat's Eye View Soundtrack LP
67. Craig Bennett BC-67 Haunted and Hostile LP
68. Embalming Almanac BC-68 Savage Past LP
69. Rasmus Birk BC-69 Homespun LP
70. Applesauce Tears ATBC-600 Departure LP

71. Spangle Makers BC-71 Hollow Months LP
72. Rasmus Birk BC-72 Cassette Daze LP

73. Chrome Castle BC-73 Forts LP

74. Orange Terrace BC-74  Slack Standards LP

75. Craig Bennett BC-75 CB6 LP

76. Embalming Almanac BC-76 Hoodwinked 2022

77. Applesauce Tears ATBC-700 Scores 2022

78. Rasmus Birk BC-78 People Person 2022

79. The Soggy Bethpage BC-79 Struuga 2022

80. Spangle Makers BC-80 Portico 2022

81. Nolan Bennett - BC-81 - Debut  2022

82. Chrome Castle - BC-82 - Debut   2022

83: Applesauce Tears - BCAT800-02 Dressed for Fortress Single 2022

84. Rasmus Birk - BC-84 Cult of Rasmus 2023

85: Applesauce Tears BCAT800-03 It’s Us Against the World 2023

86: Applesauce Tears BCAT-800 Artifacts 2023

87: Chrome Castle - Where Is Baby Charlie? Single BC-87 March 2023

88: Spangle Makers BC-88 Mirror Voices LP -  August 2023

89: Embalming Almanac BC-89 Birder Ballads Sept. 2023

90: Chrome Castle - Future Fiction BC-90 Sep 1, 2023


91: Applesauce Tears  ATBC-900-02 The Flower Ouch Hour Nov. 2023

92: Applesauce Tears BCAT-900 Encounters Jan 12, 2024

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