Embalming Almanac

Baritone Saxophone: Marmalade Dobson, Tenor Saxophone: Rasmus Birk, Trumpet: Blake Street, Voice: Boris, Piano and Synthesizers: Kurt Messenger, Bass:  Sylvester Lung, Guitar: Dixie Afro Drums: Kidd Glumm, Percussion: Darling Boy,  More Percussion: Mick McMick, Harmonica: : Crawl Pappy

The official house band of Black Cottage. This collection of musicians and misfits offer a sound intriguing in its flirtations with form and substance. Embalming Almanac bring their trumpets, saxophones, bongos, pianos, guitars, basses, buzzers, whistles, bells (and whatever else they can find that hasn't been pawned) to use in their pursuit of free-form madness.  Never mentioned in the same breath as acts they'd wish to be assosiated with, Emalming Almanac are nonetheless dedicated to creating an atmosphere for narrative vocalists, spoken word artists as well as anyone else that needs accompaniment - making their presence known with an odd sour note or two, weaving in and out, leaving the listener befuddled and at times inconsolable. The characters that make up Embalming Almanac come and go from Black Cottage as they please... occasionally gathering into a perfect storm. File under "improvisational-experimental" or simply "unhinged."

Idle Hours BC-52   CDLP

EA Idle Hours LP 750.png
EA Idle Hours LP back 750.png

Once again coming from a variety of disciplines ... Embalming Almanac arrive undisciplined!

Their latest LP is entitled Idle Hours. As cinematic and carefree as ever.

Recorded in the spring of 2018. Released September 2018


Wizards BC-19   CDLP

Embalming Almanac - Wizards LP
Embalming Almanac - Wizards LP

Embalming Almanac return like wizards! Expect more anthems ... and more disturbances. This is as accessible as the Almanac will get ...so grab it now!

Recorded at Black Cottage, Peachtee Battle Recording, and live at the Belvedere.

Also available at Apple Music and iTunes!

Fitz BC-11    CDLP

Embalming Almanac - Fitz LP
Embalming Almanac - Fitz LP

Embalming Almanac took a break from loitering with poets and gave us "Fitz." We were fortunate enough to capture some of their brilliance here on their second album which features such crowd pleasers as Owl and Wolf, Young Cassady and Ham On Why.

Recorded at Black Cottage and live at the Belvedere.

Embalming Almanac BC-09    CDLP

Embalming Almanac - debut LP
Embalming Almanac - debut LP

Meet the Embalming Almanac! The official house band of Black Cottage. Their debut includes a few live numbers, a few haunted tracks, as well as their popular, yet bewildering, manifesto "Political Panties."

Recorded at Black Cottage, live at the Belvedere and Peachtee Battle Recording


 Nog BC-47   CD single

Embalming Almanac - debut LP
Embalming Almanac - debut LP

Two holiday songs to be played year after year!

Recorded at Black Cottage December 1993


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